What to Play this Easter?

Easter is almost upon us and what better time to catch up with some of the games you might have missed over the last few months. We here at Gamehound have compiled a list of games we think you should take a look at inbetween stuffing your face full of chocolate. So many games and so little time so let's get cracking!


Gamehound says... 'It's a Fair Cop Guv!'

LA Noire - Switch

If you haven't already played Rockstar's L.A. Noire then you should probably take a look at this excellent open-world detective / action game. Back in the day this game was acclaimed for it's clever use of facial animation when questioning suspects and it has since become a perfect fit for the Switch.

Gamehound says... 'It's the DB's!'



Overcooked - PS4 / Xbox One / PC / Switch

This manic cooking game is best played with multiple players. If you have relatives visiting at Easter this would be perfect. Stick Grandma on washing up duties and you're all good to go!

Ni No Kuni II - PS4 / PC

We just reviewed this stunning sequel to Ni No Kuni and are looking forward to having some more quality time with this one. This time around PC owners also get to join in on the fun!

Gamehound says... 'Peace Out!'


Burnout Paradise Remastered - Xbox One / PS4

Some of our younger readers may not remember this thrilling car wrecking game from what now seems like years ago when games were games and cats knew their place in the world. Now you can re-live the experience on your fancy 4k consoles. Burnout Paradise Remastered is just about everything we remembered it to be, except it's remastered.

Gamehound says... 'Smashing'!

Tekken 7 - PS4 / Xbox One / PC

With the recent release of Final Fantasy's Noctis as DLC, now is a great time to revisit the 'King of the Fighters' Tekken 7. with it's ever - expanding roster of characters this is arguably the best fighting game on the planet.

Gamehound says... 'I can smell food!'


Stardew Valley Multiplayer On the Way

Stardew Valley creators are in the final stages of their latest update which brings multiplayer features to the popular farming sim. Players can work together on building a farm and even get married to each other. Initially releasing on PC, the update will be free on the Switch later in the year.

Gamehound says... 'Bring It!'

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