Ni No Kuni II - Peace Be With You

The original Ni No Kuni released back in 2010 and took the gaming world by storm. With it's incredible attention to detail and beautifully rendered worlds the game went on to sell over 1.7 million copies. Not bad considering it was a Playstation exclusive. From the very first cut scene players were drawn in to this magical world where Oliver and his unforgettable sidekick Drippy set out to battle the White Witch and save his mother.

In Ni No Kuni II you play the role of Evan, the rightful heir to the throne who sets out to reclaim his kingdom and bring peace to the land. Drippy has gone but Evan is joined by fellow adventurers Roland and Tari. Roland being a dimensional traveller from the modern world and Tari, the adopted daughter of air pirates boss, Batu.

Aside from the character changes Ni No Kuni II retains all of the magic that made the original so popular, gorgeous worlds with unique towns and cities to explore, a compelling storyline and a wide range of quests to complete. The game is further enhanced by excellent voice acting and the incredible soundtrack of Joe Hisaishi, the same composer that worked on the first game. There are a couple of significant changes from the first game, the combat system has been reworked and a kingdom building element has now been introduced.

In the first game combat followed a typical RPG like system where players would wait for there turn and then choose from a series of actions such as heal, attack or use magic. The new system is more of a real-time affair and I am glad to say it works surprisingly well. One of the best features of the new combat system is it's simplicity, making battles fast and fluid and more intuitive.

Kingdom building may seem to some like a bit of an afterthought but it is actually very well implemented and helps to provide a greater purpose to main and side quests. You will need to recruit new citizens and place them in suitable roles so that your kingdom grows steadily as well as place new buildings that will research new magic spells and develop new weapons. Kingdom building is not essential to completing the main game but is still a worthy addition which creates new challenges and more lasting playability.

When all is said and done Ni No Kuni II is everything that fans of the original game could have wished for. Revenant Kingdom takes everything we loved about the first game and builds on it with the new combat system and the introduction of kingdom building, now we the extra incentive to complete all those side quests. Now that the game is also available on PC a whole new host of players are set to come on-board. Welcome to the absorbing world of Ni No Kuni.

Ni No Kuni II reviewed by Jo Farrelly


Title: Ni No Kuni II - Revenant Kingdom

Platform: PC / PS4

Genre: RPG

Developer: Level 5

Release: Date 23.3.2018


Ni No Kuni II improves on it's predecessor while retaining all the quality and charm of the original


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