Rainbow Six Siege: If you missed this tactical storm-em-up the first time around then you can get it now at a bargain price. With a Metacritic score of 74% Rainbow Six Seige invites you to play in a variety of close combat counter terrorism missions.

Dying Light: Survive the Zombie Holocaust by staying out of the reach of those ungrateful undead. Buy the original or the upgraded version at a knock down price.

Playstation Store Annual Easter Sale is now on!

The Playstation Store is running it's annual Easter sale and there are a few bargains to be had. We sifted through the list to bring you 5 of the very best deals. If you don't already own these games, now would be a great time to grab them at a bargain price.

Song of the Deep: Scoring a healthy 9/10 on Steam this underwater adventure from Insomniac Games tells the story of a girl who builds a submarine to search for her missing father. this action game features a beautiful underwater world and a load of crafty puzzles.

The Witcher 3: This open world magic and combat game from CDProjekt RED is now dirt cheap in the PSN store. Grab a bargain now and be consumed in the brutal world of The Witcher.

Rayman Legends: We have played this on every platform possible and with it's gorgeous graphics and great, groovy gameplay this single player or co-op platformer is certainly one of the standouts from the PSN Easter sale. 

Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom Full Review!

The eagerly awaited sequel to the excellent Ni No Kuni finally hits the shelves. Anticipation here at Gamehound has reached fever pitch. So, was it worth the wait?  Read our in-depth review and find out! 

And the Best PS4 Golf Game is...

Golf is a funny old game. Once described as 'a good walk ruined' how could it possibly make a good video game? If you have ever wanted to throw your clubs in the lake and head straight to the 19th hole then you should probably check out 'Everybody's Golf.' It's everything a game should be (which is fun) and it actually plays a really mean game of golf!

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

The Life is Strange series goes from strength to strength with the release of the latest set of adventures 'Before the Storm,.' This three part series is set three years before the original adventure and sees two girls become unlikely friends when one of them learns of a dark family secret. 

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