Stardew Valley creators are in the final stages of their latest update which brings multiplayer features to the popular farming sim. Players can work together on building a farm and even get married to each other. Initially releasing on PC, the update will be free on the Switch later in the year.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer On the Way

Gamehound says... 'Bring It!'

This weeks 'Wouldn't That Be a Thing' is all about bringing PES to the Switch. FIFA had the handheld footy market all to themselves last year but who knows what will happen in 2019? All we know is that PES would be a perfect fit for the Switch and just thinking about it makes us say... 'Wouldn't That be a Thing.'

Gamehound says... 'On Me ed' Son!'

Wouldn't That Be a Thing!

The evil Dr. Wily is back and surprise, surprise he still has plans to rule the world. Never fear though because a small pixelated blue fella is out to stop him! Megaman 11 is coming to Switch later in the year... and we just can't wait. Meanwhile, take a look at this awesome Megaman 11 gameplay video.

Gamehound says... 'Unbelievable!'

Just Can't Wait for Megaman 11!

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